This is dv2sub, a simple util that extracts the date and time of recording from a dv video file (using libdv) and outputs it as a subtitle file.

It can also display useful information about the dv stream, like video norm (PAL/NTSC), aspect ratio normal (4:3) or wide (16:9), interlaced or progressive material, number of audio channels, audio sampling frequency, number of audio samples, timestamp and recording date & time.

Be sure the input file or stream is in pure RAW DV format. dv2sub doesn't work with DV AVI files (type 1 or type 2)


Go to the files section of the sourceforge Project page


Kino scripts:

Export scripts for the wonderful DV editing tool Kino are included:

To install the scripts, just copy them to the scripts/exports directory of your kino installation. (mine is /usr/local/share/kino/scripts/exports/)

You need to have dv2sub, ffmpeg and dvdauthor installed in order to be able to use all the options. If you don't have the programs installed, you will not even see the scripts in kino.